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Variegated Money plant


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n every second household, you’ll find a honesty blooming in its glory. honesty is taken into account as a lucky plant which brings wealth, health, prosperity and happiness within the house. honesty is additionally referred to as Malabar Chestnut or saba nut. There are many facts about honesty that you simply must know. for instance , honesty in principle is taken into account to be a lucky plant that brings monetary gain and luck . However, the cash plant is additionally grown within the house as an inside plant to feature to the décor. If you’ve got a honesty reception , then it might be thrilling to understand some surprising facts about honesty .

Facts About Money Plant:

If grown within the wild, the cash plant can grow into a 50-60 feet tall tree. However, if grown during a container, the cash plant can only reach 10-15 feet tall. it’s one among the interesting facts about honesty .
Each branch of a honesty has 5 leaves which grow 12 inches long. they’re bright green in colour and glossy too.
The creamy white flowers of cash plant features a strong smell which attracts bees, bats and butterflies.
One of the amazing facts about honesty is, it also has seeds. Although we’ve never spotted any seed in and around honesty , the plant produces seeds that grow inside the pods. The seeds eventually enlarge and burst thus falling on the bottom .
The five leaves of the cash plant represent five symbols. In principle , the five leaves of the branch represent the five elements of Feng Shui; metal, wood, water, fire and earth. These five elements within the leaves are said to draw in prosperity to the owner.
It is a surprising fact to understand that the fresh leaves of cash plant are often consumed. The young leaves and flowers of cash plant are cooked as vegetables and even used as ingredients.
Even the seeds of cash plant are often consumed. it’s said that the seeds of cash plant taste like peanuts and other people roast the seeds and have it as a snack.
The seeds are grounded and used as a flour for baking dishes.


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