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Aglaonema lipstick may be a beautiful looking plant with pink borders that provides a way of assertiveness to the person gazing. Also, they’re far ahead. It’s from the tropical and sub-tropical areas of Asia and New Guinea , hence is perfectly suitable for North Indian indoors. This evergreen perennial herb has been regarded with various recognition and awards. Moreover, this tropical plant is perfectly suitable for indoors and really easy to take care of . Hence, loved by new gardeners as they’re long-lasting too.

This plant prefers humid climates, yet it are often grown in dry air conditions.
The best place to possess them is that the shady patches of your balcony or corridors. additionally , they’re absolutely pleasant to seem at when potted in decorative colorful pots.

Below are the care tips, please have a look:

Soil: a correct well-drained garden soil involved with a neighborhood of trash manure and leaf mould .
Sunlight: They grow well in indirect and partial sunlight.
Temperature: The plant prefers a pleasantly heat (20 C to 30 C).
Water: The plant loves moisture, but making the soil too damp will damage the plant and can end in root rotting.
Fertilizer: Adding vermicompost every 3 months will sustain the plant well.
Be sure to feature Aglaonema lipstick to your collection and add a way of assertiveness for those that love gazing at natural beauties.


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