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Ever wondered why we call this plant as 'Money plant.'

It’s been a popular belief that the Money Plant is commonly referred to as a money-making machine! It is placed at home, with a hope that it will bring luck, prosperity and wealth in the home.

Or, in other words, we can say that it is like having faith in this plant that will bring all the positivity in the home, keeping away all of the negativity by the time it is kept under the roof. It is also called a friendship plant, as it is easy to propagate.

Story of Money Plant:

This is one of the most popular stories of a poor man from Taiwan, who used to pray in front of God for granting relief from his financial debts.

One day while he was working in his field, he come across this plant and at that very instant, he had a belief that it is going to be the only solution to his problem. He then started taking care of the plant, nurturing it, loving it like his own family members, used to prayer, etc., which in result produced seeds, nuts and more plants for him. Then he decided to sell these plants to start some earning to solve his problem.

Thus, after that incident, it is given as a gift in the hopes of bringing prosperity to our near and dear ones.

What do Feng Shui experts say about money plant?

Also, Feng Shui, who is an expert, has suggested that one should keep at least a single plant nearby the computer, television, or WiFi router because it not only helps on removing negativity but also anxiety and any sort of stress from the home. It brings peace and proven to avoid useless arguments and sleep disorders.

Money plant and Vastu

In fact, Vastu experts have also come on the front that suggests that keeping plants nearby brings positivity to our daily life. And as per the resources and researches, it has been found that it is kept in the home to bring good luck as well as uplift the relations within the family. It is highly recommended to keep money plants at home for the betterment because even if it didn’t work out, then also it won’t impose any side effect, rather it is a green plant, so it would best for the sake of oxygen. However, it is not suggested to plant in the garden. 

As per the Vastu experts, it is meant to bring good luck and prosperity in the house if kept inside. Many times, they also come up with dry, unhealthy leaves, then in such conditions, you can simply cut them off from the wine to increase your luck.

Where should a money plant be kept at home?

Money plants are usually meant for indoors due to its greenery and rapid growth. They are known for their rounded, coin-like, seed pods.

These hardy plants will thrive with the minimum of fuss apart from giving the green hue to the interiors and the garden. They can also be grown as climbers on walls, trellis and trees or in hanging baskets.

Does money plant purify the air?

Absolutely, the money plant brings freshness to your home by filtering air and increasing oxygen inflow. It is also approved by NASA, for it encompasses air-purifying capabilities.